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In 1866, Oliver Perry Lent and his wife Martha moved to a farm of 190 acres which is the current site of the community of Lents, Oregon. As Portland grew and absorbed other smaller towns, Lents was annexed into the City in 1912. What is now Lents Town Center is located in the original downtown core area of S.E. 92nd Avenue and Foster Road.

In September 1998, the Portland City Council established the Lents Town Center Urban Renewal Area (LTCURA) in order to accomplish community goals. These include the generation of new family wage jobs, assistance to new and existing business, improvements to local infrastructure such as streets and parks, new housing construction and improvements to existing housing. Since its implementation in 1999 over $90 million has been invested in the community. The Portland Housing Bureau offers two programs specifically intended to benefit homeowners and homebuyers in the Lents Town Center and Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Areas.

You can find more about the Portland Housing Bureau’s Down Payment Assistance Loan and Home Repair Loan at


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