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Program: Oregon Veterans Home Loan

Detail Verified 4/21/2021 - Last Updated 1/6/2021

Program Overview

A fixed-rate, primarily purchase-money, home loan program designed to provide some degree of economic parity to honorably discharged veterans. Veterans did not have to enter the service from Oregon nor be discharged back into the state. Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs (ODVA) loans are conventional loans, different from federal Veterans Administration (VA) loans. Federal Veterans Administration (VA) forms and disclosures do not apply.

Available throughout the State of Oregon.

Who is Eligible for this Program?

To be eligible you must be an honorably discharged veteran who served more than 178 consecutive days on active duty for purposes other than training, unless you were discharged due to a service-connected injury. If you are an honorably discharged veteran and have less than the above mentioned 178 consecutive days of active duty service, you may still qualify if you began your service before January 31, 1955; were discharged because of a service-connected disability; served in a combat zone; received a ribbon or medal for service; or are receiving a nonservice-connected pension from the USDVA.

Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs (ODVA) loans have no maximum income limitations.

Maximum loan limit is in accordance with the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac conforming loan limit. In 2021, this limit is $548,250.

Limited to single-family, owner-occupied, primary residences located within the State of Oregon.

Is this program for first time buyers only?: No

Property Eligibility Requirements

Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs (ODVA) Loans are available only to eligible qualified veterans purchasing a primary residence within the State of Oregon. Maximum Loan to Value (LTV)] is 95%.

Allowable property types: Single-family

Benefit Details


Loan Term: 15 to 30 years

Homebuyer Counseling / Education Required: No

Owner Occupancy Required: Yes

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